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I like to think that my products appeal to people with an eye for quality and beauty and an appreciation for a nifty idea.

This means:

  • I provide environmentally thoughtful products and ideas.
  • Wherever possible I use materials that are renewable, recycled, or reused with as little resource wastage as possible.
  • I source and manufacture products underpinned by the Proximity Principle, using localism to help define our purchasing strategy, with products that have traveled as few miles as possible to reach you, helping to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the beautiful things you buy.
  • Unfortunately, not everything is manufactured in Britain and so some items do have to come from further afield.  When this is the case I will always offer alternatives with some manufacturing or sourcing from the British Isles or within the EU.


Guess what?  

If a product is made within the British Isles then I will be shouting from the roof tops about it.   For each product that I sell you will be able to view as much sourcing information as I am able to gain.  This also means that if I know an item is made in Pakistan or some other far flung place, you will have that information too.  To read more on how I categorise products, please see the page on 'Proximity of Manufacturing Rating'.

So why does this matter so much?

Well, this is me.  My name is Fay and I am the owner/curator of KNIT IT - HOOK IT - CRAFT IT.  I have spent the last fifteen years of my working career in waste management, making a difference to the way that householders view waste, recycling and resources.


Fay Dashper-Hughes - Owner/Curator of KNIT IT - HOOK IT - CRAFT ITFay Dashper-Hughes

Having caught the crochet and knitting bug at the back end of 2014, I finally found my niche.  That special cross over point in the Venn diagram where creative passion comes together with everything that I know about resource management, sourcing policies and environmental standards. 

Venn Diagram for KNIT IT - HOOK IT - CRAFT IT

I will bring what I know about resource management and sourcing to the crafting industry and I hope to make a difference.