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Postage and Packaging

The P&P costs applied are very transparent.  No additional costs are added on, you simply pay for the cost of packaging and the cost of postage.  I don't offer free P&P because what that usually means is that the cost of P&P has been added to the cost of goods.  I think it is better to assume that my customers aren't daft and would rather have transparent P&P costs than the pretense of 'Free P&P' with inflated prices on the items that they are buying.  

I have added a number of postage options that are based on the likely weight and dimensions of your order.  If your items are small enough to be posted as a Royal Mail Large Letter then that is how it will arrive.  

The dimensions of certain items are too large to be sent as a large letter and so I have opted for My Hermes carriage instead because this is an affordable option and offers a fast and tracked service.

For international postage I have opted for the Parcelforce Worldwide service which has flat fees depending on weight, is tracked and insured.


Proximity of Manufacturing (PoM) for the packaging

As with the PoM Rating for products, I have applied the same thinking to the packaging that I use:  

  • If your goods arrive in an A5 envelope then that envelope is made from 100% recycled fibre from UK sources and manufactured in the North West of England ( PoM rated).
  • If your goods arrive in larger packaging then that package is also made in the UK ( PoM rated) using Scandinavian kraft paper which is extremely durable but recyclable.
  • If your goods are wrapped and protected in tissue paper then this is sourced from Lancashire where it is converted but is actually manufactured in France (unfortunately we don't have a tissue paper factory in the UK) and has an  PoM rating.  
  • Items such as pencils require more packaging around them to protect them.  In such cases the items will also be wrapped in cardboard - reused from the boxes that my goods arrive in and completely recyclable in all Local Authority areas. 

Any paper-based packaging used by KNIT IT - HOOK IT - CRAFT IT to protect your goods has been specifically chosen because it can be reused, composted (at home) or recycled.  Almost every Local Authority (bar some of the more remote Scottish islands) in the UK offers paper recycling at kerbside and the paper packing used at KNIT IT - HOOK IT - CRAFT IT can all be recycled in those kerbside services .  


UK recycling info